What is gmail sponsored promotions?

Many advertisers use gmail sponsored ads in their promotion policy as an effective way to plug a new product or to bill oneself. So what is gmail sponsored promotions? GSP is a type of direct advertisement that based on users gmail account activity. Gmail sponsored ad shows up only in personal gmail boxes in the promotions tab. The main goal of gmail sponsored promotions is to target audience and to acquaint them with the products you offer. 

gmail sponsored ads

Suchlike google gmail promotion allows advertisers to target users with the help of gmail accounts using text and image ads. By the way, according to the statistics this method is much cheaper than other non-branded search campaigns. 
Google gmail sponsored promotions consists of three main components: subject line ad (shows the text), teaser ad (shows both the text and image), email ad (when subject line ad or teaser ad is clicked, the main message opens). The gmail sponsored targeting includes some options you should select: gender, language, geographical location and client (desktop, iOS, Android). Then you can form your audience by using «user attribute». These user attribute targets are defined by the content of a user’s last 300 emails in their Gmail box. 

Google gmail sponsored promotion

Besides, you can choose certain keywords, contextual and interest targets that are both available in gsp gmail sponsored promotions. GSP reporting shows performance by target, so you have the ability to use that data to optimize accordingly; start big and then weed out the bad performers.
Practically there are some pieces of advice in the process of using gmail sponsored promotions: make up your target list in detail, use different variation in ad creation, allow Google to find new users automatically, test out another campaigns to understand which is more effective. 

GSP ads

Thus using of gmail sponsored promotion ads would be a great chance to budget for and to aware with your target market. Adwords gmail sponsored promotions is the best way for advertisers to show people their ad and to find new customers.

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