How to use Google Analytics Debugger

In the last ten years the internet became the part of our life as well as its special programs. It should be noticed that wide-spread browsers like “chrome” and its specially edited version called “chromium” are becoming more popular nowadays. 
Such kinds of browsers contain diverse plug-ins which can help us to find essential information very briskly and enhance the pace of Net-connection. One of those plug-ins is Google Analytics Debugger which indicates a devtools extension for exposing tracking beacon data to developers. 

Google Analytics Debugger

All of us have great viewpoints for what we want to do in Google Analytics but rarely we need to go more advanced than the out of the box solution. Whenever faced with this issue, we roll up our sleeves and start enumerating more event tracking, diverse kinds of custom dimensions, and some beastly cross device management but then you open up GA and you see nothing. 
No attractive data to enhance you craft your marketing activities, no clarity into what is happening around you, no idea of the amount of traffic your last baller post with those incomprehensible images brought in. Full Google Analytics Debugger tutorial you can read in Google Support 
Frankly speaking, “google analytics” themselves contain a number of vital and “therapeutic and preventive” tools to demonstrate working duration of the total content. 
Furthermore, one can easily locate the updating process in the program while the Net is on. It’s also attainable to emphasize your special dates or events by using the GA tool. 
In this article you will be informed about how to use google analytics debugger. At first, you should download GA debug on the Google Chrome webstore
Having downloaded, install a plugin, the icon of the graph would be shown in the browsers right upper corner. For enabling of plugin, you ought to click the graph icon, then you will see the sign “ON”. 

Google Analytics Debugger

Configuration is adaptable only for current website, when you change your URL, plugin should be turned on once more. While reloading a page, all of data refined in _gaq will be logged into console and console will be attainable by F12 key. Output may be like in following one. 

Google Analytics Debugger console

That’s all.

Translation of Google Analytics Debugger Article you can find here.

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