Google Adwords certification exams

Let's talk about adwords exams. It is known that adwords certification exam is required for becoming Google Partner, and enjoy the benefits of partnership. But in order to pass the google certification must pass at least one of adwords exam.

There are 5 google adwords exams

- Search Advertising
- Display Advertising
- Mobile Advertising
- Video Advertising
- Shopping Advertising

adwords exam

But what would you have made for the delivery of one of adwords exams you first have to pass an entrance adwords fundamental exam. It is a kind of tolerance to google certification exams. You can prepare for it by reading adwords fundamentals: exam study guide.

Once you learn the training materials you can start passing google adwords practice exam. Questions to google adwords fundamentals exam is not difficult, mainly on knowledge of interface Adwords, basic indicators, terms and principles of contextual advertising.

google adwords practice exam

The pass mark of adwords fundamental exam must be greater than 80% correctly answered questions. You have 3 attempts to pass the exam. The exam is free, but it does not mean that it is possible for him not to be prepared and take the guesswork.

Particular attention should be paid to the contextual advertising pricing and type keywords. Adwords fundamental exam is a basic knowledge of working with adwords. Even if you will not take further exams of adwords I recommend you still deliver the fundamental exam at least for the fact that to consolidate you skills and test yourself on the knowledge of the product.

Google Adwords certification exam is a serious step to the partnership of Google.

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